How Landlords Can Get the Best from Their Letting Agent

If you’re a landlord looking to save time and money, a skilled letting agent can be a game-changer.

They’ll manage your rental property day-to-day (so you’re free to focus on your other responsibilities), regularly check in with your tenants (to ensure there are no issues) and remind you of your legal obligations. A top letting agent can also provide valuable foresight, using their industry experience to advise you on your long-term investment strategy.

But, as with all business relationships, effective communication with letting agents is key. When there is clarity and mutual understanding, things run more smoothly, and you make better decisions.

Building a Strong Business Relationship with Your Letting Agent

Here are some tips on how to foster a successful partnership with your letting agent:

  • Understanding Letting Agency Agreements: Before you commit, read your agency agreement carefully and be clear about what services you are getting. If there’s anything you’re unsure of, speak up to ensure you start on the right footing.
  • Discuss Your Involvement: Talk about the level of contact you would like with your letting agent and how involved you want to be in decision-making. While some landlords prefer agents to handle issues autonomously, others may want to be more hands-on.
  • Ask for Clarification: If you receive advice that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask questions. A good letting agent acts in the best interests of both landlord and tenant and is well-versed in the law, offering recommendations based on your legal obligations.
  • Share Your Vision: Outline your long-term strategy so that your letting agent can provide targeted advice on matters such as redecoration and refurbishments.
  • Inform About Past Issues: If there have been any past maintenance issues or neighbour problems, be transparent so your letting agent can manage potential problems effectively.
  • Respect Professional Boundaries: Remember, letting agents are professionals. Maintain realistic expectations and do not ask them to act unreasonably on your behalf.
  • Discuss Property History: If the property has personal significance to you, such as being your childhood home, share this with your letting agent to enhance their understanding and management approach.

For more insights into our property management services and to find the right letting agent for your property, contact us today.

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