Taking Children to Property Viewings: The Pros and Cons

When hunting for a new family home, property viewings are essential in finding ‘The One’. While marketing photos and virtual tours are valuable, they can’t replace the experience of assessing a property’s décor, layout, and location in person. This is when you might wonder about bringing your children to property viewings.

The decision to include your offspring in viewings hinges on various factors, including your personal circumstances and how your children might cope with the process. To aid your decision, here’s an examination of the pros and cons of taking children to property viewings.

  • Observing your children’s reactions to a property can be telling. A positive response can be affirming, while any squabbles over room sizes could prompt further consideration.
  • Children often offer unique perspectives, possibly drawing attention to details you might overlook.
  • Involving children in the house-hunting process can make them more receptive to the idea of moving, potentially easing transition anxieties.
  • Sellers with a sentimental attachment to their home might prefer to pass it on to another family, possibly viewing your offer more favourably if you bring children to property viewings.
  • Bringing your children along can signal your family’s needs and motivations to the seller, personalising your interest in the property.
  • Children can sometimes distract you from thoroughly evaluating a property, leading to missed details or overlooked potential issues.
  • There’s the risk of mishaps, like spills or breakages, which could cause embarrassment.
  • Viewings can be stressful for children who are apprehensive about moving, possibly making the experience unpleasant for them.
  • A child might become attached to a property that doesn’t meet your criteria, leading to disappointment if you decide against purchasing it.
Our suggestion re: children at property viewings

For an optimal balance, consider attending initial viewings alone to ensure you can concentrate fully on assessing each property’s suitability. If a property becomes a serious contender, bringing your children to a second viewing can ensure it meets the whole family’s needs without overwhelming them with options.

If you’re contemplating the next steps in buying or selling, feel free to reach out to us at Ensum Brown to explore your property options.

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