Beware of the Latest Green Home Improvement Scam

Property owners are cautioned against a surge in green home improvement scams, exploiting concerns over rising energy costs and confusion around green grants. Authorities and industry bodies like Propertymark highlight the increasing deceit by rogue traders.

Identifying Scams

Be cautious of cold callers promoting exterior wall and roof coatings, claiming dramatic reductions in energy costs and damp resolution. These offers often fall short, sometimes worsening damp problems and involving substandard work with additional, unagreed charges. Fraudsters may falsely associate themselves with local councils and green grant schemes, misleading homeowners about reimbursement opportunities.

Finding Trustworthy Tradespeople

Despite the prevalence of scams, numerous reputable tradespeople provide genuine energy-efficient home upgrades. With government-backed green grants available, it’s crucial to verify the claims of anyone offering home improvements.

Defense Against Fraudulent Schemes
  • Avoiding rogue trader scams starts with scepticism towards unsolicited offers, especially ‘today only’ deals.
  • Take time to consider any proposed work; pressure to commit immediately is a red flag.
  • Research the company’s reputation online and consult with professionals or knowledgeable acquaintances.
  • For claims of council affiliation, directly confirm with the local authority.
  • Obtain multiple written estimates to ensure fair pricing and clear expectations of the work to be performed.
  • Protecting against home improvement fraud includes paying in stages rather than upfront, preferably via credit card for added security.
  • Trusting your instincts is often your best defence.

From all of us at Ensum Brown, stay vigilant and informed to safeguard your home and finances from home improvement scams.

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