The rise of multigenerational living in Royston

You’re standing at a window, but instead of staring at your reflection your eyes meet with those relatives that you are longing to hug and just spend some physical time with.  This year, with all its rules and constraints, has torn us apart, but also brought us closer together in many ways.  Who would have thought that spending time with the ones we love would be seen as a luxury?  It’s because of these forced separations that many families are now reconsidering how they live, which is why we have seen a sudden rise in, and demand for, multigenerational living in Royston & the surrounding villages.

Coming together

You may be surprised to discover that around a third of homes in the UK are now classed as multigenerational.  This is not just older family members moving in with a child and their family due to ill health, or children living at home longer to be able to save for a deposit, or simply because they are unable to afford to live on their own.  What we are also seeing at Ensum Brown now is different parts of a family joining together to purchase a property that will give them independence but also security and support.  The separation this year has required has certainly impacted on many, driving them to make big decisions about how they wish to spend their future.

Need to consider

We can completely understand why so many families are wishing to buy a multigenerational home, but it is essential that you consider a number of things before choosing a property for this purpose.  Living together will no doubt bring a wealth of joy, but it can bring its challenges too.  Making sure that the property can meet all of your needs for will only aid the success of your new lives going forward.  So what should you be looking for when seeking a multigenerational home in and around Royston?

Privacy and independence

Just because you are bringing your family together, doesn’t mean you don’t all want and need your privacy and independence.  Each generation will be set in their ways, and each will bring their own set of requirements for what space they need.  Will you be sharing a kitchen and mealtimes? Or do you want the choice to eat when you want and be able to cook in your own space, but have a kitchen big enough for those days when you come together? Not every home will have two kitchens when viewing, so look for potential.

It can often be the little things that get overlooked, such as having your own front door and space for all your cars. And do you want an annex that is completely separate, or an area of a house that provides some privacy?  Everyone wants and needs their own space, it’s a necessity – somewhere you can relax that is just yours, but knowing you are only a few feet away from your loved ones will be a blessing too. 

Before you start looking for a new home, come together and talk through all your needs, areas each party may feel they can compromise on, and what is absolutely essential.  Remember, not all of you may be able to view the property physically, so having clarity before you start can prevent friction as you move through the process.

It is always advisable, on a viewing, to look at a property not for what it is, but what it could be.  Doing some work or tackling a conversion of an existing structure will probably be required, so have an open mind – your vision could create the most beautiful and versatile home that meets all your needs. 

Think about tomorrow

When you are thinking about the requirements of your new home, also consider what you will need in the future.  As we know, your needs will change, children will grow, families may get bigger, people get older.  How will this home suit your needs in the long term? Will it still give you the space you need?  Will it be a benefit or a hindrance should health deteriorate and mobility decline?  Do the living spaces provide room to entertain? Who isn’t wanting to have a party for their friends and family when this crazy time is over?  But just because you’re living together, doesn’t mean you’ll particularly want to party together too.

Just as the interior of your home is important, so is the outside space.  People often forget this when purchasing a multigenerational home. Can each generation have a little space for their own?  Maybe a patio, a landscaped garden or a vegetable patch – those with green fingers may delight in having their own haven, whereas something less demanding could be a blessing for others. As we know from the first lockdown this year, having any outside space is a privilege, and a huge benefit to personal wellbeing.  As such, what a home can offer you outside is just as important as what it gives you inside.

Helping hand

We know how difficult it can be to find a home that meets the needs of families coming together ine one household. Our experience in aiding families such as yours means we can help ease the frustrations and provide you with the advice you need to make the right decisions for everyone.  If you can put your trust in our team at Ensum Brown, we will be able to introduce you to a variety of options, some of which you may not have even considered.

Multigenerational living is certainly on the rise in and around Royston, give our team a call on 01763 750000 to help bring your family together.

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