Six Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Summer Sale

The summer solstice marked the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the changing of the seasons. But could the start of summer also be a turning point in your property journey?

If you’ve been thinking about moving home for a while, now’s the time to grasp the moment and get your property plans moving.

There are many good reasons to sell in summer; buyers will see your property at its best – with the light flooding in and the flowers in bloom. And, because sunlight increases the release of the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin, buyers will be in a better mood, which can only be a good thing.

So, don’t delay. Follow this six-step plan to listing your property in summer.


Get rid of unnecessary furniture and ornaments so that in all that lovely summer sunshine, your property looks light, bright, spacious and airy. Store away all your winter woollies and boots, donate unwanted items to charity and put belongings that you want to keep into temporary storage.

Accentuate the garden 

A courtyard or garden can be a real asset, so ensure this major selling point is neat and tidy. Style the dining or seating area as if you were just about to entertain family or friends, so that buyers can picture themselves playing host or hostess. Also, keep plants well-watered and looking lush and green, with no wilting or drooping in sight.

Put on a good front

The first few seconds of a viewing are critical, so go all out and make a good impression on buyers. Plant some colourful blooms at the front of your property or invest in some window boxes.


In the brighter light, eagle-eyed buyers are more likely to spot grubby marks on skirting boards and peeling wallpaper, so address any minor DIY repairs. Revive tired walls by giving them a lick of paint in a fresh, neutral colour.

Deep clean

Give your home a good scrub from top to bottom, as dust on surfaces and dirt on windows will show up in the summer sunshine.

Viewing preparations

Spend some time before a viewing ensuring everything is just right. Empty the rubbish (heat can intensify odours) and open the curtains and shutters to let the light and breeze in. Make sure cleaning products, toiletries and damp laundry are out of view.

If you’d like more professional pointers on maximising your property’s potential, speak to us. We can explain what local buyers are looking for and outline current market trends. Contact us today for a free valuation.

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