5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Most home sellers want three things: to get the best possible price for their property, to complete the sale in good time, and to avoid bucket-loads of stress. These goals may sound straightforward when selling your home, but it’s easy for sellers to veer off course during the marketing process.

As a result, they waste time and money, causing themselves more anxiety than necessary. To help you navigate the challenges of selling your home, here’s a guide to the common pitfalls and how not to sell your house.

In other words, avoid these actions if you want to steer clear of delays and disappointment.

Fail to Get Three Valuations

Most industry experts recommend that sellers get three agents to value their property. This is crucial because with only one valuation, you risk setting your asking price too low, potentially missing out on thousands of pounds, or too high, which might deter genuine buyers. Is it worth cutting corners just to save a few hours?

Get Greedy with the Asking Price

Setting an unrealistic asking price is a common mistake when selling your home. You might hope a less informed buyer will pay well above the market rate. However, experienced buyers will see through this, leading to your property lingering on the market until you adjust to a more realistic figure.

Don’t Bother to Declutter or Depersonalise

Neglecting to declutter or depersonalise your home before taking marketing photographs can turn off potential buyers. Cluttered, personalised spaces make it difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living there, likely causing them to move on to other listings.

Make No Effort for Viewings

A lacklustre effort during viewings can diminish buyer interest. Visible wear and tear, like chipped paint and wobbly cupboard doors, can lead to lower offers as buyers factor in the cost of necessary repairs.

Respond Sluggishly to Requests for Information

Once a deal is agreed, the efficiency of your response to conveyancing queries can significantly influence the speed and success of the transaction. Slow responses can frustrate buyers eager for a quick close, putting the entire sale at risk.

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